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Marko My name is Marko Vidberg and I am a Canadian tech geek. I have been involved with computers since 1985 and the Internet since 1995. I have a wide breadth of knowledge in the computer field, with a university degree in computer science and numerous years of work experience in web development, Linux server administration, programming, database administration, networking, hardware solutions, technical support and consultation. I am fluent in English (reading / writing / speaking) and fully understand Finnish as well (although my reading / speaking is very rusty).

You can find me on Discord by the handle "cryptocronic#7690". On Bitcointalk.org I am "cryptocronic". On Reddit and PlayStation Network I am "cryptocronix".

Crypto Conspectus I am semi-retired and not actively looking for work. I spend my time tinkering with hobby projects, mostly related to things on the Internet or cryptocurrencies. Check out my book! If you think you have an opportunity for me, please contact me! I am interested in the betterment of society and helping others find freedom and happiness.

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Should you drive for UberEats?
Are you thinking about driving for UberEats to make some quick extra cash? I've done a tiny bit of regular Uber driving and a bit more of UberEats driving. Regular Uber driving is not for everyone. Apart from ...
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Over one year of cannabis
I have never smoked tobacco and I do not drink alcohol (at least not more than maybe a couple of times a year and even then I never get drunk). I have never done illegal drugs in my life and probably ...
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Try out Openbazaar
You may have heard of the decentralized open source market place called Openbazaar, but probably have not tried it out. I only say this from my own experience after having a number of items listed for sale on the ...
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Leaving my career
I officially spent my last day sitting in a full-time office job back in July of 2014, after which I tried for several years to get a small business (with a partner) to become profitable. This ultimately failed and I ...
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Archive your receipts and make money
There is an app called "Receipt Hog" which allows you to take pictures of your shopping receipts with your smartphone and gives you points for doing so. Points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, cash toward your VISA ...
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Global warming and the coming collapse
I have always believed in global warming. I also believe that human activity in the last number of decades greatly increased global warming and continues to do so. To even be required to state that "I believe" ...
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